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We supply 3D printers, consumeables and spares, do prototyping, perform setup and training as well assisting with reverse engineering services

About Us

With a background in engineering and CNC programming of just more than 25 years and always able to manufacture all parts, machines and other spares, the ability to manufacture and design parts for 3D printing has led to the birth of FJ 3Design.

This is what we do

We supply 3D printers, filament, spares, UV printers and resin, we give training and help with machine set-up. We design spares and parts for you and can help you to design hard-to-come-by parts for whatever application is suitable.

3D printer sales

We sell 3D printers and resin printers, if we do not have a specific printer on hand we will do our best to procure it for you, and source as much as possible information on said model.

consumeables and spares

We stock filament, resin, build plates, nozzles, lead screw nuts and more, and will always do our best to procure the spares needed,


Sometimes you have an idea and you need someone to help you to make it a reality, let us help.

printer setup and training

When you buy a printer from us, in our shop there is a table just for your convenience, there you can completely assemble your printer and do a test print and your help is just a few steps away. We will help you with your slicer programs and give you basic training on how to get your settings sorted

Reverse engineering

There comes a time when a spare or part has broken and you just cannot get it anywhere, we can help design a new one and even make improvements if possible…….you will be surprised what a 3D printer can do.

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These are some of the general questions we are often asked. Should you have a detailed question that we have not covered please feel free to send us a message from our Contact Us page

Its a way of turning your idea into reality by building your model layer by layer and watching it progress into the model or part that you intended

You can print almost anything,car parts,computer brackets,the stuff that you broke around the house, model homes, toys and so on ,bearing in mind that it is layers of plastic melted together so always position your model accordingly.

No, all you need is a PC and a 3d printer, we provide the necessary training on the software and also the machine setup and training on maintenance and adjustment.

You can usually get sorted in about 6 hours on average

No there are 2 routes you can follow:

Design, slice and print or 

Download .stl files and print

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If you are looking to buy a printer, shopping for spares or consumeables or just need some advice. We are a phone call or a visit away.